Remoska Tria

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It is the best portable multicooker we have ever created, ready to revolutionise your cooking repertoire. Simply change the lid and enjoy a new way of cooking.  
Each Remoska® has been handcrafted in Europe for 3 generations, and we still use top-grade materials for their durability and the highest precision in manufacture to serve the next generations. We have shared our joy with more than 5 million chefs in the last 65 years, and we are excited to welcome new ones every day.
What will you find in your box?

What is in a standard box?

One huge 5.5-litre cooking pot – can be used on induction and other types of stovetops, suitable wood-burners or in a conventional oven. A robust casted aluminium pan is coated with three layers of high-quality non-stick ECLIPSE®, specifically formulated without harmful PFOA. It is an internally reinforced PTFE coating, that offers wear resistance standing up to 60,000 cycles. It is dishwasher safe.

The electric lid – sustainably roasts or bakes meals, cakes and bread to perfection. Using only 610W (one-fifth of a conventional oven) will cut your electricity bill at home and save the juice in a campervan battery. It has a glass viewing window so you can check on progress. It is not dishwasher safe.
The pressure lid – produces slow-cooked results in half of the normal cooking time while keeping more vitamins and nutrients inside ingredients. The lid locks into the handles with a simple one-handed mechanism. It is a hardened glass lid, so it’s safe and easy to check on your cooking. It is dishwasher safe.

The glass lid - is made from toughened glass, with a steam escape; works brilliantly to keep the heat in when you’re using the cooking pot as a casserole dish or a Dutch oven in a conventional oven. It is oven-safe up to 220°C.

The trivet – keeps the hot pan off your countertop while it bakes or after it comes out of an oven.

1.5 m rubber-coated electric cable - gives you comfortable flexibility when using the baking lid, for easy storage can be detached from the baking lid, and it is Australia & New Zealand compatible.


Pot height 13 cm and diameter 28 cm

Width 44 cm with handles included

Capacity for baking 3 l and 4.5 l for cooking

Net weight 6.5 kg with lids included