Bake, slow cook and roast anywhere you like

“The most versatile multicooker with just one button”

Slow cook, stir-fry and stew on all kinds of stovetops, bake or roast just about anywhere.

Our patented enclosed design locks juices inside and roasts crispy skin from outside

Remoska Tria with baking lid

1st lid creates a portable oven for roasting & baking

The electric lid sustainably bakes bread or cakes and roasts food to perfection. It has just one button and uses only 610W while it cooks your meal. You can save on electricity bills at home or bake while you camp, finally!

Remoska Tria with soft-pressure lid

2nd lid creates a slow cooker for pressure cooking & stewing

The soft-pressure lid produces slow-cooked meals in a fraction of the time while keeping the vitamins and nutrients inside. It locks in with the simple one-handed mechanism.

Remoska Tria with a glass lid

3rd lid creates a casserole dish, hot pot, steamer or a frying pot.

The toughened glass lid is made with a vent to allow steam to flow. It keeps the heat inside when used as the cooking pot or a casserole dish in your oven up to 220°C.

Remoska Tria with three lids and table trivet

Thee lids hundreds of recipes

Remoska is the ultimate one-pot multicooker that revolutionises your recipe repertoire. Simply change the lid and enjoy a new ways of cooking.

Cook now, pay later!

Slow cooking is healthier & faster under pressure

"Bake and cook anywhere you like"

Remoska and campervan

Make your camping culinary

When was the last time you baked a loaf of bread or cake while camping? We designed Remoska to be compact, so you can easily pack it for your next adventure.

Tiny house

Tiny houses more sustainable

We are driven by sustainability. Remoska consumes only 610W while baking; making it five times more efficient than conventional ovens. Consuming less energy helps our planet and is perfect for living off the grid.

Garden party

Entertaining made easy

With Remoska, you can bake dessert simultaneously while baking over courses in a conventional oven or stove top. You can even cook directly on the table, meaning less time in the kitchen and more fun with your guests.

Yacht life

Easy cooking by land or sea

Be your own master chef and get slow cooking results fast! Cut cooking time in half using the Remoska soft-pressure lid. It is safer than cooking in an open pot, and shorter cooking times help preserve more nutrients in your cooking.

Remoska Tria all lids variations

Gift cards

Are you looking for a gift your loved one will remember for years and years? Remoska has been a legendary gift for generations. Select a value of the gift card and help your loved ones to buy the most talented multicooker.

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The best bread you will ever bake

“The only portable multicooker loved for generations”

Remoska will transform how you cook at home and revolutionise your outdoor recipe repertoire

Handcrafted in Europe

"Genially simple, simply genius"

Effortless cooking, every time, anywhere

Three Generations of Legacy

Over 5 million home chefs have enjoyed cooking with Remoska for over 65 years. Passing recipes and tricks from one to another, they created an incredible community.

Seeing our customers happily using models we manufactured in the 80s reminds us why are committed to using the best materials and don’t take shortcuts.

We are proud and excited to welcome new chefs every day since 1957.

Remoska Club

Buy Remoska Tria and receive an invitation to our extraordinary club. You will enjoy new recipes weekly, cooking and baking classes or even private events with star chefs from your favourite TV shows. Join thousands of home chefs around the globe.

“The ultimate one pot of its kind”

Cook and roast easy dinners for hectic weeknights with a minimum clean-up and on budget

While being incredibly versatile and portable, yields results unlike any other cooking tool in my kitchen. With three separate cooking lids, I can choose exactly how I prepare our next meal.

Amanda Michetti, Chow Town

We've yet to find something we can't cook in the Remoska! As a saucepan, it's the perfect depth for anything from soups and stews to grilling meals like our favourite teriyaki chicken with sautéed greens. We even made eggs and bacon in it!

Sarah & Laura, Wandercooks

"You definitely want Remoska in your kitchen, think tender slow cooked meats, easy no fuss cakes and juicy roast chicken with potatoes. Don’t waste your time with multiple pots a pans, its as easy as changing a lid"

Kirsten Jenkins, @kirstenjenkins

I am most surprised by the roasting lid which has truly revolutionised the way that I cook. I am shocked by how succulent and tender chicken, fish and meat becomes when cooked under the roasting lid while still achieving that wonderful golden roasted hue.

Amanda Michetti, Chew Town

With Remoska's baking lid, you can do just about anything, from perfect pizzas, cakes and breads to reheating meals.
Would highly recommend to anyone wanting a really sturdy, deep pot that's non-stick and super versatile.

Sarah & Laura, Wandercooks

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